Create a Free Custom Moving Checklist(new hosting)

Moving is one of the most stressful things someone will ever have to do in their life.  There are so many things to decide and do. helps you out by giving you an extensive list of items to choose from to put on your personalized moving checklist. lets you create a moving list that has only the items that you need on it.  If you have a list you are less likely to miss important things you need to do and will reduce the stress involved in your move!

Don't worry, we make it easy to create a checklist!  Just give it a try.  You can easily recreate it or change it.

First you will be given a list of Groups (e.g. As soon as possible, packing supplies, 1 month before move, etc.) to choose from.  Choose the groups that you think that would apply to your move.  Then you will be given a page of items for each group you chose.  Choose the items that you want to appear on your checklist.  After selecting from your last selected group, your generated checklist will appear.  From this window, you can view and/or print out your custom checklist to your printer or pdf file!

To create your custom moving checklist, just press the Start button below

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